Good way to Free up Storage Space

There are many reasons why you may be running out of storage space, especially on your boot or Drive C: hard drive.  Here is a good way of cleaning things up.

In Windows 10, click the Windows start button and type in 'cleanup' to automatically search your system.  At the top, the 'Disk Cleanup' app should appear. Click on this to start the process.  You should be asked to select which drive if you have more than one drive in your system:

Select the appropriate drive which should be (C:) and then click the OK button to start the scan.








Once the scan completes, you should be presented with the Disk Cleanup app.If you have upgraded your operating system and do not wish to go back, click on the 'Clean up system files' button.

Click the OK button to add these extra files.  Once the form comes back up, select all of the files that you wish to Delete including any temporary files and troubleshooting files.

Click the OK button again and let the process free up some of that space on your hard drive.

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