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What is 2FA? MFA? Are they the Same? Different?

You will see me talking about 2FA and MFA on quite a few posts and using the terms almost interchangeably - so what do they mean?

2FA stands for two-factor authentication and MFA stands for multi-factor authentication. 2FA really is just a subset of MFA.

MFA is a security protocol where a user is required to verify their identity by providing multiple pieces of identification before gaining access to either a device or application. Typically this is using at least two of the following factors:

  1. Knowledge - something only you know i.e. password, challenge questions
  2. Possession - something you have i.e. Yubikey, one-time password
  3. Inherence - something you are i.e. fingerprint, retina scan

So you...

Is Your Security Software Actually Working?

Ever wonder if the security tools you have installed on your computer actually work? Here is a link you can use to check those tools and just how effective they may or may not be:

AMTSO Security Features Check:

If the report raises more questions or alarms than what you are comfortable with, please feel free to get in touch with our team.