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An Example of What Ransomware Can Do

Here is a real world example of the danger and consequences of ransomware. Colonial Pipeline, who provides 45% of the East Coast’s fuel, had to shut down after it was hit with ransomware. Analysts have warned that a prolonged shutdown could lead to higher gas prices. Ransomware costs are expected to reach $20 billion this year alone!

Here is the link to the full story:


Beware of the Increase in Deepfakes!

The evolution of technology used for cybercrime is scary! Deepfakes are the latest trend and can be used to craft a realistic scam when used maliciously. Here is a short video to help you learn about deepfakes, the threats they pose and how to spot one.

A couple of Quick Tips from the video:

  • Slow down and don't feel rushed into action
  • Watch for clues of a deepfake, such as unnatural movement or blinking

Here is the link to the video: